Taos County Fire Restrictions

Residents and visitors should remain cautious and burn only if necessary. Taos County Ordinance 2006-6 and New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC) 20.2.60 regulate what can and cannot be burned under normal conditions.
The following are STRICTLY PROHIBITED:

• The burning of rubber, including tires, plastics, including PVC and insulated wire, or the like
• The burning of oil, tar, or other petroleum laden materials
• Construction waste such as foam insulation, treated wood such as OSB, plywood, fence posts, railroad ties, or any synthetic material
• The improper disposal of hot or live ash
• “Backyard burning”. Backyard burning is the burning of household waste in a barrel, container, or fire pit

Any resident, who wishes to engage in open burning of any kind to include the clearing of fields and acequias and burning of dry weeds, brush, or tree trimmings, must obtain a Burn Permit. A Burn Permit can be obtained by contacting your local fire department or by contacting the Taos County Office of Emergency Management.

Taos County will continue to enforce Ordinance 2006-06 and NMAC 20.2.06. Anyone who violates these regulations will face fines of up to $300.00 and 90 days in jail.

Rio Fernando Fire District may be contacted at rffd@rffd.org
at least 48 hours in advance of the planned burn for a permit.